Todd Gurley II Authentic Jersey  The Ground

The Ground

The Premises of Masteri Millenium

+ Masteri Millenium flats in district 4  with the exquisite and stable architecture from time to time .at the hand  of  talented architects ,Millenium is not only the result of art  but also it is luxurious architecture ,exquisite and asserting the rank of the owner .

+To be designed high-class standard ,there are  many diversified areas,the luxurious furnitures take full advantage of spaces,not only that there are airy balconies in all the flats to get the natural sunshine and pos sibilities unlimited…

Taking over finished  flat level  is  five- star hotel .

  • 4 the high-grade fireroof door  with magnetic lock system  & : video call
  • 4 taking over finished floor  ceiling , wall is europe standard .
  • 4the first- class kitchen  furnitures make in  Spain .
  • 4 the first- class  hygienic equipments make in US
  • 4 the simple lighting .
  • 4 the balconies  make from tempered safety glass   .
  • 4the high-grade  air-conditioned.

Taking over the funiture  in Millenium .

The exquisite designing , youthful,modern ,the luxurious space life with the balconies get natural sunshine ,the  living room is so spacious and luxurious to be suitable for welcome your friends or party ,relax.The high-grade  funiture is imported from foreign countries .

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