We understand  the expections and desires of many customers as well as  trends market nowadays .not only you  enjoy a peaceful life  but also you can build and lit the fire hapiness in here for you and your family

Come to Masteri MiLLenium ,the owner can make the most of the five –star  standard  utilities .

  • Coffee shop ,BBQ
  • Kid entertainment  area
  • Landscape lake/scenery Lake
  • Luxurious  Spa  area
  • The overflowned swimming pool looks out upon the SaiGon river ,SaiGonview.it  conforms to the international standard
  • Modern GYM,Yoga
  • The community activity area





The luxurious chain of restaurants.

In addition,the project is in a place is knowed as ‘’ Sai Gon Wall Street “ near the busy  business center  of HoChi Minh City as Ben Van Don ,Nguyen Cong Tru,at the same time ,Masteri Miliennium is  adjacent shopping center ,entertainment, the first-class  SaiGon eating restauraints as : Ben Thanh market,Bitexco tower….

  • park and walkway .
  • the overflowed pool Riverview .
  • landcape lake .
  • the luxurious trade center .


There are lots of open business spaces with front and side room at the golden area.

The excellent actraction of  Shophouse Millennium is overall clement weather,favourable terrain, united people  factors. Is owned the golden place of central Ho Chi Minh City is adjacent the financial center is knowed as ‘’ Viet Nam Wall Street” ,is intersection between prosperous residental areas as Phu My Hung ,District 1,District 5.

Hurry up,the quantity is limited with only 17 shop house that there are two front and side .we sure that hight profitabilit of them.with the owed forever privilege,this is the first time and unique in  the real estate market at Ho Chi Minh City .all of this is the accent and bottom line to attract the investors .

The leading trade potential.

Millenium has many fisrt-class utilities is adjacent central  Ho Chi Minh City , to gather together international civilized and prosperous residential areas.in the first ,shop house Millenium meets necessary needs and high demand of residents in Masteri Millenium and neighbouring areas. It is located in the golden place of Ho Chi Minh City to connect to the luxurious SaiGon areas ,at the front the riverside road to be convenient traffic. Shope house will promise revenue stream potential from to customer base outside and high increases property.Masteri Millenium is in the list of priorities number 1 of international brand name as   food,shopping ,entertaimnet…

The speacialized design for first-class business spaces .

All the big international trade names always ask high standard premises for a first-class business  space.To meet optimal special demand ,Shope house  Millennium apply the speacialized methods from design organization’s Australia, to bring  out the remarkable Design Development with the  floor to 7 meter .the spacious business space’s Shop House  is special factor and impression for the trade names ,to be surely to bring  high profit for each the owner..the estate is vison sharing at the same time to be development..

The international community in Masteri Millenium

+ The high-grade prenium customer sourses from the MasTeri Millenium with the high spending demand is the first-class target in the bussiness problem for shophouse Millenium ,at the same time the expensive residental ,the office Millenium gather together civilized enterprise comunities ,active, creative …..

+ Gather the attractive commercial potential and is the opportunity to increase value of  property, only have 17 front of business shophouses ,is located at the golden place that finacial experts and profesional investors rank leading in invesment list.

+ Master Millenium is the new standard of rank and luxury worthy for the owner. Not only is pride but also is beginning to take the development in the future ,.It is  a place to gather together quintessence of first-class rank.

+ Shophouse Millenium promise to be magnet to attract the financial consumption sources,to make a new power is iconic of Ben Van Don area.

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